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Organization Tips

Organization Tips

Space Saving Kitchen Tools to make your life easier

When you have limited kitchen space, your kitchen tools can easily eat up your cabinets space and make your counter tops feel cluttered. Fortunately product designers have invented creative tools to make your life easier and the cooking process more enjoyable. Take a look at these smart and efficient products, which can help you utilize your kitchen better:



NEST by Joseph Joseph

bowl_nest   bowls_nest

 This genius nesting bowl set combines 9 tools in one and fits easily in a drawer. The set consists of a large and a small bowl, measuring cups and spoons, mesh sieve and a strainer. They come in vibrant rainbow colors to differentiate each one and are non-slip and BPA free. You can buy the Nest 9 for $80 from the company's website.


NEST UTENSIL PLUS by Joseph Joseph

nest utensils nest_utensil_kitchen

The same retailer sells a set of stacking 5 piece utensil set, which is a compact solution with innovative design allowing each utensil to be stacked in a magnetic self-supporting storage stand. The tools are all heat-resistant and include: a slotted spatula, spaghetti server, slotted spoon, solid spoon and a ladle. The utensil set costs $25 and can be purchased from Joseph Joseph's website.


BIN 8 by Bento & Co

space saving kitchen tools

Made by Bento & Co., this bottle-shaped tool fits nicely on every counter and consists of a funnel, lemon juicer, fine and coarse cheese graters, a jar opener, egg yolk seperator, a masher and a measuring cup. All of the parts are made of plastic and are dishwasher safe. It can be found on Amazon for $10.


Under cabinet stemware rack


This stemware rack is a practical and beautiful solution to display your wine glasses. Just mount it under a cabinet and save a ton of space. This rack can hold up to 9 wine glasses and is sold on Amazon for $14.99.


PREPWORKS by Progressive

prepworks cutting board  cutting board prepworks



Don't have enough counter space? No problem - this over-the-sink cutting board fits most sinks with its expandable design and gives you extra working surface for cutting, chopping and slicing. It also comes with a collapsible colander, which makes is easier to store away. You can find it on Amazon for $21.


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