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Organization Tips

Organization Tips

The 5 Hidden Secretes of Organized People Living in Small Apartments

Whether you are one of them or not, we all know that person in our lives, a family member or that friend, the ridiculously clean and organized one. No matter how small their studio sized apartment is, they somehow manage to keep their home in immaculately clean and in perfect shape.

One has to look deeper than the clean floors, dust free cabinets, and well organized furniture to find out the real hidden secrets of the trade.

1. They secure storage outside their home

This might seem a bit on the excessive side but think about it, why would you want to clutter your living space with useless possessions that you might never use? Securing an outside storage might actually be one of the smartest strategies to clean up your home. Most condominiums already come with a separate storage space allocated for each unit, and if you are one of those lucky ones, USE it. Put away your out of season Christmas decorations, your unused clothes and shoes in suitcases, or even your mother's flower vases that she gave you for your last birthday. I mean who needs all of that collecting dust in your cramped apartment in the first place? And if you are one of those that don't have the storage space, rent one, or ask to use a close friend's unused basement.

2. They are good at hiding things

From a distance it might seem that the whole place is a show-home, but look under the sofa and you will enter another world. When you live in such limited space, every crevice must become your best friend. It means that the empty floor under your bed, the space under your sink, the closet in your hallway must all be filled with things. Be creative, look for secretive spots throughout your apartment and stuff them up, just make sure they are out of plain sight and you will be surprised by the amount of space you will find to fill. Some of today's modern furniture also comes with hidden storage space so use it all, just make sure you make a list or remember where you put everything in case you ever need to find it later on.

3. They don't hoard useless objects

In the Western material world that we live in, it is not hard to acquire a container full of possessions that one can literally open a thrift store with. Just look around at all the garage sales popping up around your neighborhood on the weekends and think of all the useless crap you see for sale. Then ask yourself, why did I buy this useless vibrating machine belt thing in the first place? Did I seriously think it would make me loose weight by just watching it sit in my living room, if not, then why am I still tripping on in every night I go to the bathroom? Seriously, take it outside and put a free sign on it right now, you will thank me later. Neat people only acquire things that they really need, they don't just buy things because they are on sale. They hold on to things that they really love or actually have use for, the rest is either donated, sold or given away for free. They don't get attached to material possessions, and nor should you, just let them go.

organization space

4. They outsource the help of others

Chances are that most organized people surround themselves with others just like them. Whether it is a husband, a girlfriend, or simply their roommates, the probability is that they use somebody's help and are not afraid to ask for it. They divide the chores, and use the limited time they have very efficiently to complete the necessary tasks at hand. If you live on your own and can afford it, hiring a housekeeper to help you a few times a month can be another solution.

5. They know it is part of life

Organized people don't have illusions, they know that things will eventually get messy no matter how clean and tight their place might seem at the moment. They know it is not a one time deal, yes you cleaned today but that doesn't mean you don't have to worry about it for the next month. If you want a clean and cozy home then you work at it, you get on your knees and scrub that floor, you iron those curtains and organize your closet space. Don't wait to be in the perfect mood to start cleaning up, just as you brush your teeth in the morning, organized people know it is part of daily life, they want a clean organized home so they work at it, one room at a time.


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