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Our modern, functional, extendable tables can help you convert any small room, or apartment into a much more useful and appealing space for dining and entertainment at the same time. From Dining to Kitchen, and Conference Tables For Any Size Office Space.

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    Valento - Expanding Coffee Table That Converts To Dining Table

    $1,790.00 CAD $990.00 CAD
    Black Gloss
    White Gloss
    Our innovative, transforming Valento coffee to dining table is the perfect solution for any home that seeks to utilize their space in a smart productive and creative way. It is a two-in-one...

    Infinity - Expanding Console To Dining Table

    $1,490.00 CAD $1,190.00 CAD
    Looking for a table to entertain a large number of people, but have no room to store it? The Infinity table is the perfect solution! It transforms from a console...

    Malka - Smart Coffee Table With Lift Top and Storage Space

    $790.00 CAD $490.00 CAD
    Smart double-duty coffee table for those who love to do everything from their sofa. Two lift-up extensions turn your coffee table into a laptop desk/dining table. Keep your living room...

    Malibu - Transforming Foldable Round Dining Table

    $550.00 CAD $480.00 CAD
    The Malibu table looks impressive with its ultra modern design and sleek chrome legs. It is capable of an amazing transformation - it folds completely flat and can be neatly...

    Tanzia - Transforming Console To Dining Table

    $380.00 CAD $260.00 CAD
    This sleek super practical table will become your favorite piece of furniture in your home. The Tanzia table fits effortlessly in the narrowest space with its simple clever design and...

    Lifta - Height Adjustable Coffee Table

    $480.00 CAD $340.00 CAD
    Lifta is the perfect solution for homes that don't have room for a dining table. More than a coffee table, it can be height adjusted to become a work table,...


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