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Organization Tips

Organization Tips

Furnishing Tips and Tricks: How To Increase Airbnb Rental Value!

Let's face it, with online platforms such as Airbnb, HomeAway, and Tripping, many homeowners have been empowered with the potential to earn some much needed extra income. Having a great location with great views however may not always do the trick. As studies show, more short term renters lean toward resident-owned properties because they want to experience the "feel like home" environment. Rentals that are able to authentically, and successfully express that feeling are much more likely to be booked!

As we all know, visuals and presentation are everything. You will need an attractive setup, keeping the balance between the comforts of a home and the extravagance of a great hotel room. And the best way to get this right is having the right decor.

The Living Room

As the name implies, the "living" room is one of the most important living spaces throughout your home. Not only will your guests spend most of their time there, but it is also the area where first impressions are made when they first open the door. The first thing that you will need to take note of is the size of your space when placing any type of furniture. In general, open and bright living rooms are most appealing. Furniture that is compact and functional but also not overstuffed is recommended.

rental tips and tricks living room



Pick one that will fit in your space without taking up the entire room. We recommend a sofa that is space saving, comfortable but not too bulky. A convertible couch or a sofa bunk bed can be the perfect space-saving solution. They can help you accommodate an extra guest which you will be able to charge extra money for. Neutral colors such as beige, tan, or gray will not age as quickly. In general, rental units have more wear and tear than if you were to live there yourself. Adding accent pillows with bright, contrasting colors can be a cheap replaceable alternative as well.

sofa bunk bed by save space furniture


Coffee Table:

Add a coffee table to make your living room look complete. After all, guests need somewhere to put down their drinks, or food for that matter. And if you want to go a step further to save yourself tons of precious space, there are alternatives to the traditional coffee table. Transforming coffee to dining tables such as the Largenta Extending Table sold by Save Space Furniture can be the perfect solution. It looks and acts just like a normal coffee table for most of the day. When your guests need to have dinner and more room is needed to accommodate them all, the table can easily be lifted up. The hidden extensions slide out on both sides to become a full dinner table that will comfortably seat up to eight people! 

largenta coffee to dining table by save space furniture



Rugs are a focal point to any room. They add warmness and can make a great impact on the room, aesthetically and visually. You do not need to splurge out thousands of dollars. There are many good quality rugs that will keep the living area homely and toasty. Keep in mind that allowing pets in your rental property can make rugs more costly to clean in the long term. 

rental tips and tricks living room

Lamps and Lighting:

Good lighting is essential to any home, especially when advertising your home as a short term rental. Not only will it make your advertising photos look great and make you stand out from all other listings, but it is crucial for practical reasons. You want to make your home feel bright, warm and inviting. Make sure that all rooms have practical lighting installed in them. Ceiling lights, such as pot lights or chandeliers are a must for practical reasons. If you have the option, dimmers are a great addition to any practical ceiling light, it can give your guests more control, helping them adjust the lighting according to their own preference. For aesthetics, you can also add floor lamps and table lamps to any bedroom and living room. And if you really want to make your rental home stand out visually, more advanced lighting setups such as LED strips can be professionally installed in such ways that it will dramatically improve the whole feel and look of your space.

rental tips and tricks lighting


A television set is essential to any property rental. Having it mounted to the wall will save you lot's of space and adds a modern feel. Also, a complimentary subscription to a streaming service like Netflix can go a long way to show your guests you care about their stay! Another even more important essential service is having good enough wifi internet connection. One of the first things, especially younger guests ask for when they first enter any new residence is; "what is the wifi password?" Providing them with a clear print out with your internet network's security key and network information can be appreciated by any guest staying at your property.

rental tips and tricks living room

Bedroom Essentials

If the living room space is what makes your guests rent out your home then the bedroom will be the room that will make them come back. Comfort is the most essential aspect of the bedroom. After long travel days, a good supportive mattress will provide your guests with a well deserved night's rest for their stay.

rental tips and tricks bedroom

Pick a large enough bed that will comfortably sleep two guests, but leave enough room to fit side tables on each side of the bed. Clean out your closets of any personal belongings and make sure you leave enough storage room for your guests' to be able to set their clothing aside. You can also lock any closet or room you do not wish your guests to have access to, that should be the only place to keep personal items stored away.

rental tips and tricks bedroomrental tips and tricks bedroom

Your second bedroom should ideally have two twin size beds, or a bunk bed if possible. This would make it easier for guests traveling with kids. You can also have a sofa sleeper or a foldable bed that can be added if needed.


Kitchen & Dining Area:

The Kitchen is probably one of the main reasons people choose a vacation rental property over a hotel. If space permits, get a good dining table that can seat at least four people. On the other hand, if your property is limited in space, there are many alternatives that can help you get the most of what is available in terms of room needed. For example, the Infinity Console To Dining Table, sold by Save Space Furniture can easily be stored to the side of any wall and used as a study desk. When your guests need to have dinner, it easily extends and becomes a full-on dining table that can comfortably seat eight to ten people. This way your dining area can feel much larger and not be stuffed with unnecessary furniture that is not used all the time.

console to dining table by save space furniture 

Another good add on to have around your kitchen are stools. You can add a few to make it easier on your guests. It is always fun to sit at the bar having a bite while the other person does the cooking. It is also a great way to socialize in the kitchen and have everyone together.

rental tips and tricks kitchen

Finally, if your rental has a patio or a deck, and a location with good warm weather, it is almost essential that you get a BBQ. In addition, a patio table and chairs can be added so that your guests can enjoy eating outside.

 rental tips and tricks patio furniture

Lastly, as you may have noticed, good looks and functionality will certainly win you over and help you run successful part-time or full-time rental business. Hopefully this guide can assist you to pick out the right furniture for your rental property, and make your guests feel like home!




Have we missed something? If you have other helpful tips and tricks from your personal experience, feel free to share in the comments section below!

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