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Organization Tips

Organization Tips

How to use everybit of space in your home?

When living in a studio, or a small one bedroom apartment storage eventually becomes an issue. Where do we put our belongings, which we tend to accumulate more and more with time? Developers, who build these new urban dwellings don't seem to care much about where people are going to store their items.

This is why smart furniture is becoming a necessity - we need to have furniture, which can serve double duty purpose. Products such as folding and expanding tables, folding chairs, wall beds, beds with hidden storage compartments and more similar items are increasingly what people look for. There are a number of companies starting to address this demand and they now offer innovative multi-functional solutions. Here are some options which would work for your extra storage needs:

In The Bedroom

storage bed drawer bed storage

Bed storage is probably most needed as people have duvets, pillows and blankets, which take a loot of room and usually can't be stored in a limited closet space, which barely fits all of our clothes. This is why having extra storage under the bed is essential. A good idea may be to vacuum seal the bulky items such as pillows or winter duvets when you need to put them away. This way you'd be able to make the most of your storage space. IKEA has some good options for a very affordable prices. You can have a look here.


In The Living Room

malka coffee table with storage  malka coffee table with storage


Living room clutter seems to be another hassle for most of us. Where do you put your books, magazines, remote controls, laptop, cables, coasters, etc.? Coffee tables with integrated storage are the perfect solution to this problem. The Malka table offers three storage compartments and two lifting leaves, which makes it easy to put away small items and technology used every day. The lifting leaves allow for two people to use the table at the same time - either as a dining space or a work surface for your laptop while sitting comfortably on your sofa.


The Kitchen

Another one of the most used rooms in our homes is the kitchen. There are lots of ways you can increase storage or workable room in your kitchen. You can stash stuff in plain sight by using open concept shelves, this way using pots and pans can be a breeze. For the true chef there is the built in knife slot within a cutting board island, a creative idea that saves you plenty of space courtesy to the Brooklyn Home Company.


 Some other creative kitchen ideas come from designer Bart Lidsky of The Hammer & Nail, Inc. The concept of having a separate room for a pantry often comes at a price, and most condo dwellers lack the necessary space. In such cases you no longer need to sacrifice storage space, have a look how Bart Lidsky incorporated vertical space to embrace the height of the kitchen to create a fully functional pantry space with cabinetry. No space was wasted in this clever space saving design.

space saving pantry pull out drawer






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