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Space Saving Furniture for New York

Space Saving Furniture for New York

New York has one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world. Weather you like that or not, if you want to live in the Big Apple, you will be forced to pay top dollar for most likely a very small apartment. Despite your great location, you may have very little floor space available for your furniture.

Fear no more, with today's innovative designers, and modern technology, you will no longer have to sacrifice comfort and space to live comfortably in the Manhattan home you have invested so much financially.

At Save Space Furniture, we offer just the right type of transforming, expandable furniture for your NYC apartment. You will no longer have to clutter your precious floor with unnecessary bulky furniture.

Our most popular types of furniture include our transforming tables. They have a two in one function and can be easily changed from a regular modern coffee table into a fully functional dining table. Many are efortlessly lifted up by a special mechanism and unfolded to create room for more people. Our tables are so well designed that it will be very hard for your guests to find out that you have a hidden dining set in your living room. Not only are our tables able to be folded and unfolded to create more room, but many also have hidden storage space for you to use.

storage coffee table

Having a transforming, space saving table will forever change your outlook on small living. It will create the home office and personal space you have always wanted but never had the chance to have. Easily transform your home from daily office use to entertaining guests at night.

Save Space Furniture is pleased to serve our valued customers throughout New York. We are here to help them find the best space saving furniture needs and create the space they truly deserve. Explore our shop to find the right space saving furniture for your home.

new york space saving furniture


All our products can be safely and quickly delivered throughout greater New York, and the surrounding areas. Our furniture is fully inspected and insured
prior to every shipment, so you never have to worry about your purchase. Most of our tables and folding chairs come assembled or with very minimal assembly required with easy instructions to read.
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