Largenta - Expanding Coffee Table That Converts To Dining Table

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Wouldn't it be nice to entertain without worrying about where to seat all your guests? Largenta is a perfect solution - it is a two-in-one coffee and dining table, which...

Wouldn't it be nice to entertain without worrying about where to seat all your guests? Largenta is a perfect solution - it is a two-in-one coffee and dining table, which extends to comfortably seat up to 8 people. The sturdy gas mechanism which supports weight of over 200lbs lets you adjust the height of the table with little effort. The extension pieces on each end lock in place to keep it stable. All the extension panels are hidden underneath when you don't need to use Largenta in its fully expanded mode. The table features two wheels built in on one side of the table for easy rolling across your floor. This unique piece of furniture is a must have for any home owner who wants to save space in style during their everyday lives. Available in Oak, Dark Brown and White High-Gloss color. Watch our video demonstrations below to see the impressive transformations of this table.

We also offer The Largenta as a Dining Set Bundle With Chairs.


The Largenta Coffee To Dining Table is a modern, elegant furniture item that will leave a mark on any design savvy guest of yours with its unique versatile transforming features. The table can significantly convert in length and height. The built-in gas mechanism can help you adjust the height from as low as 11 inches to 30 inches, you can stop at any desired height for your preference. The side extensions on both sides let you expand the table from a minimum of 47 inches to a very dinner worthy length of 77 inches when at its fully extended mode. The table's compact features will help you keep your living room area clutter free and make any home feel much larger when not used every day. This coffee to dining table is one of a kind expanding table with many space saving features!


+ Can be used as a coffee or dining table
+ Expands to seat 8 people comfortably
+ Adjustable height
+ All extension panels are hidden inside the table
+ Impressive design and transforming options
+ Chrome legs


Size As A Coffee Table:

Length: 47 1/4 inches long (120cm)
Width: 29 1/4 inches (74cm)
Height: 11 inches tall at the lowest setting (28cm)

Size As A Dinner Table:

Length Max: 77 1/4 inches (196cm)
Width: 29 1/4 inches (74cm)
Height: 30 3/4 inches tall at the highest level (76cm)


Is The Largenta Table strong enough for everyday use? 

The table is more than capable of supporting any size dishes, or a large fest that you would normally have. It features a very strong gas mechanism powered by a set of very sturdy pistons. It can easily support weight over 200lbs!

Is it very hard is to lift or lower the table?

Generally, most people can lift or lower the table without much effort. In some cases, both hands would need to be used to lift up the table, and applying a bit of downward force with one hand while lowering it can also be of help to some customers.




The table comes fully assembled out of the box and ready to use right away.



We recommend the use of soap and water. A soft microfiber cloth and mild cleaning agent should be sufficient enough to clean the surface in most cases.                   

Do Not Use harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.




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